We are committed to the long-term professional development of our associates. Although formal ongoing legal training and skills development are an integral part of life at SRZ, hands-on experience is the key to the success of our attorney training. Our formal training programs provide our associates with support and skills needed to prepare them to handle early substantive responsibility and client contact and to advance at each stage of their careers.

An accredited provider of continuing legal education in New York, the firm offered 146 CLE programs last year. Nationally-recognized experts teach workshops on topics ranging from general skills like contract drafting, brief writing, negotiation and deposition skills, to business topics, and to leadership and business development. In addition, each department offers its own seminars to give the junior lawyers more specialized expertise and keep all lawyers up to speed on new developments in their practice areas.

We understand that there is no substitute for hands-on experience. Through direct exposure to all aspects of a project, including the client's views and goals, associates can mature at a faster pace and with greater personal satisfaction than would be possible in a more rigidly structured environment.

Attorneys are encouraged to attend outside seminars sponsored by bar associations and private continuing legal education providers. The firm pays all costs incurred in connection with attendance at approved continuing legal education programs.