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You had the special experience of beginning your career as a Schulte summer associate and going on to become one of the youngest partners at the firm. How would you describe that journey? 

My journey to partnership at Schulte was not a linear path. I was open to different opportunities and other potential career changes along the way, and I also took a break about four years ago to welcome a child into my life. Through the years, I have grown personally and professionally with the help of many mentors and colleagues, and I know I made the perfect decision when I started as a summer associate at Schulte.  

Tell us about your practice and what you find most rewarding about your work. 

I primarily represent lenders in financing transactions, which requires me to analyze different risks and to think of creative ways to address the obstacles inevitably involved in each transaction. At Schulte, I work on uniquely challenging transactions while collaborating with some of the best lawyers in their respective fields. That’s about as good as it gets!    

How is success measured at Schulte? 

It is very simple. As a firm, we strive to provide the best work product and service for our clients.  Individually as a Schulte attorney, we measure success by assessing our own ability to provide quality client work, while also assessing how we assist and support our fellow attorneys in the process.

You are a member of the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the Asian-American Affinity Group. How do those roles allow you to make an impact on diversity and inclusion at Schulte? 

Studies consistently highlight the lack of meaningful mentoring relationships as one of the primary barriers for career advancement for minority professionals. By being a member of both the Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the Asian-American Affinity Group, I have the opportunity to meet many of our minority attorneys and encourage open dialogue. It is exciting to be part of the firm’s greater efforts in acknowledging the benefit and importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.