Brian T. Daly advises hedge, private equity and real estate fund managers on regulatory, compliance and operational matters. He has extensive experience designing and improving compliance processes and organizational systems and helps clients navigate their initial and ongoing regulatory compliance obligations under the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the National Futures Association. Brian also regularly represents clients in enforcement actions, regulatory examinations, trading inquiries, and in seeking no-action or similar relief. Having spent nearly a decade in-house as general counsel and chief compliance officer of several prominent investment management firms, Brian is well-versed in the wide range of legal and business challenges facing investment advisers, commodity pool operators and commodity trading advisors.

Brian is a recognized leader in advising alternative investment fund managers on regulatory and compliance matters and is well-known for his thought leadership in this area. Chambers Global and Chambers USA list Brian as a “leading individual” in investment funds. In addition, Brian is a member of the Managed Funds Association’s Outside Counsel Forum and its CTA/CPO Forum (of which he was formerly a Steering Committee member) and of the CFTC Working Group of the Alternative Investment Management Association. He formerly was a member of the New York City Bar Association’s Private Investment Funds Committee and the MFA’s General Counsel Forum, its CTA, CPO & Futures Committee and its Investment Advisory Committee. In addition to his legal practice, Brian taught legal ethics at Yale Law School. Brian received his J.D., with distinction, from Stanford Law School.


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  • New York City Bar Association
    • Member, Private Investment Funds Committee
  • Managed Funds Association
    • Chair, Steering Committee for the CTA/CPO Forum
    • Former Co-Chair, CTA, CPO & Futures Committee
    • Former Co-Chair, General Counsel Forum
    • Former Steering Committee Member, Investment Advisory Committee
  • Alternative Investment Management Association
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  • Community Resource Exchange
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  • Chambers Global
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  • Visiting Lecturer, Yale Law School, 2012-2017; “In-House Lawyering: Ethics and Professional Responsibility”
  • Who’s Who Legal: The International Who’s Who of Private Funds Lawyers