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Instead of trying to be everything to everybody, we’ve made a name for ourselves by delivering what our clients need most: in-depth, hands-on legal counsel throughout the financial services sector — and beyond.

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There’s a lot going on at Schulte — we’re wrapping up high-profile matters, welcoming talented new lawyers, speaking on issues that affect our clients, and more.

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Pro Bono

Throughout our history, Schulte has provided comprehensive pro bono services to local and national nonprofit organizations. Today, we serve more than 50 nonprofits and work to advance a variety of social justice causes.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Inside the firm, we work hard to attract diverse, talented lawyers and encourage their career growth and advancement. And outside the office, we’re active in volunteer drives and local initiatives that support women and minorities’ professional success.

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If you’re a current or former Schulte lawyer, join our Alumni Network on LinkedIn to stay connected with old friends, make new contacts, and share your successes, ideas and insights.

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Social Responsibility

We take doing “good work” seriously — whether we’re talking about our high ethical standards or the way in which we foster a positive and inclusive culture for our personnel and support local communities.

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Effective mentoring is an integral part of the development of any lawyer, and it is an important part of the training process at Schulte. In this SRZ Spotlight video, Schulte mentor-mentee pairs discuss their relationships and how these relationships have helped them succeed.

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Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is vital to the success of any organization. Different perspectives, backgrounds and philosophies bring insights from all angles, ensuring that we continue to flourish as a firm. In this SRZ Spotlight video, Schulte lawyers discuss how the firm fosters diversity and inclusion and why this initiative is so important, especially in the practice of law.

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Schulte is committed to helping our lawyers develop their skills to the fullest. We invest in our lawyers at every stage of their careers, and the scope and innovation of our practice, combined with our dynamic atmosphere, provide our associates at all levels with substantial, personalized training and significant responsibility, even early on in their careers. In this SRZ Spotlight video, firm leaders discuss Schulte’s commitment to helping associates develop into the best possible lawyers they can be, not just by developing a skill set, but by building long term relationships of trust and respect.

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What makes Schulte different? In this SRZ Spotlight video series, Schulte founders, hiring partners and associates share their experiences at the firm and discuss the values and culture that set Schulte apart.

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SRZ Spotlight videos feature a diverse, cross section of Schulte lawyers and firm leaders sharing their experiences at the firm. For more Schulte videos, visit us on Vimeo and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter