David J. Karp leads the firm’s Distressed Debt & Claims Trading Group, which provides advice in connection with U.S., European and emerging market debt and claims trading matters. His practice focuses on corporate restructuring, special situations and distressed investments, distressed mergers and acquisitions, and the bankruptcy aspects of structured finance. David also provides advice in connection with oil and gas royalty investments.


Distressed Investing Representations

Represented investment bank in connection with sale of distressed CDO portfolio.

Represented investment fund in acquisition of multinational distressed and non-performing asset portfolio, including loans, claims, bonds and private equity positions.

Represented owner and operator of hotel properties with respect to Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and the restructuring of approximately $1 billion of debt.

Represented investment fund in providing debtor-in-possession financing to tier 1 automotive supplier.

Represented large national retail propane distributor with respect to Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and the restructuring of more than $550 million of debt.

Represented retail center owner in connection with sale of real property under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Represented private equity fund in connection with proposed acquisition of substantial portion of the assets of tier 1 automotive supplier.

Represented various parties in securitization and CMBS transactions. Provided advice in connection with bankruptcy-remote structures, true sale and nonconsolidation issues.

Represented various parties in structuring and addressing bankruptcy aspects of derivative contracts including swap agreements, repurchase agreements and securities contracts.

Energy Representations

Currently representing creditors of Walter Energy Inc., Samson Resources, Sabine Oil and Gas Corp., and Energy and Exploration Partners Inc.

Represented the chairman of an official equity committee in the reorganization of Seahawk Drilling Inc., a company that provided drilling services to the oil and natural gas industries.

Represented investors in Stallion Oilfield, a leading oilfield services company that provides comprehensive wellsite support and production and logistics services to oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, during its Chapter 11 reorganization.

Represented investment fund with respect to foreclosure upon natural gas working interests in the Fayetteville Shale.

Represented creditors in Trident Resources Corporation, a natural gas production company principally focused on the exploration and exploitation of unconventional natural gas resources, during its Chapter 11 restructuring.

Represented investors in connection with the acquisition of interest in ampCNG, a compressed natural gas station developer.

Represented investment funds in connection with Marcellus Shale, Oil and Gas Lease with Cabot Oil & Gas and Hess Corporation.


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Speaking Engagements

“Next Steps for Investment Funds with Exposure to Silicon Valley Bank,” SRZ Webinar, March 2023

Wharton Restructuring Club Distressed Debt Trading — Before You Say “Done” Seminar, Philadelphia, November 2018

“Investing in Litigation Finance,” SRZ 27th Annual Private Investment Funds Seminar, New York, January 2018

SRZ Alternative Assets Part 1: Investing in Venture Capital, Private Equity and Hedge Funds Webinar, New York, November 2017

SRZ Distressed Investing Hot Topics  Trading Next Generation Products, New York, June 2017

Wharton Restructuring Club Distressed Debt and Claims Trading — Before You Say “Done” Seminar, Philadelphia, 2016-2017

“European Distressed Investing,” DDC Financial Group European Investment Summit 2017, Miami, March 2017

“History and Legal Underpinnings of Launching a Debt-Based Activist Campaign in the U.S. (U.K.),” Institute for Law and Finance Shareholder and Hedge Fund Activism Seminar, Frankfurt, Germany, April 2016

SRZ and TPH Distressed Energy: Midstream Agreements — Impact on E&P Creditor Recovery, New York, March 2016

“Oil & Gas Restructuring: Potential Impact on RBL Lenders,” Evercore Webinar, March 2016

Moderator, “Distressed Energy: What Have We Learned So Far?,” SRZ 4th Annual Distressed Investing Conference, New York, November 2015

“The Nuts & Bolts of Hedge Funds,” Financial Poise Webinar, November 2015

SRZ Distressed Investment Opportunities in Oil and Gas Seminar, New York, March 2015

“Legal Restructuring: Distressed Acquisitions in Chapter 11,” Wharton Restructuring Club 11th Annual Restructuring and Distressed Investing Conference, New York, February 2015

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SRZ European Bank Debt and Claims Trading Seminar Series, New York, April 2014 and London, May 2014

Moderator, “Distressed Opportunities in Europe,” SRZ 2nd Annual Distressed Investing Conference, New York, November 2013

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